My latest Rover SD1 2600 Vanden Plas

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Well here it is my latest Rover SD1.

A 1985 2300s Automatic

This Rover was advertised on The Rover SD1 Owners Club site.

It was free to collect to either be put back on the road or used as spares but needed to be moved as the previous owners house had sold and if it wasnt collected was destined for scrap.

I sent an email to the owner to see if the car was still available but was told it had been spoken for but in the event he didnt collect they would let me know.

Fast forward a few months and I got an email asking if I still wanted the SD1.

Of course my answer was yes please and I quickly arranged a recovery truck to collect the SD1 and move it approx 100 miles to my house.


The engine did not want to awaken from its long slumber but after a service and some fresh fuel the old duffer coughed into life and then insisted on cutting out when ever the engine was warm......hmmm not ideal.

The paint is shot but so far the main shell is pretty solid.

Its going to need at least inner and outer sills both sides and also a repair to the nearside rear quarter but the main thing is I have an SD1 again laughinglaughing